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ZOOM Video Conferencing

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zoom-600Have you have ever wished you could have the convenience of video conferencing without the tremendous expense? If so, Zoom Conferencing may be just what you are looking for.

Why video conferencing?  Face-to-face coaching enhances connection.

For example, if you offer group coaching, with Zoom you can see each group participant and that goes a long way towards creating a sense of community.

Or suppose that you are hosting a webinar or meeting and not everyone can come. This technology also allows participants to remotely attend a live event. Because it works well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with Zoom you can broadcast the speakers to participants who are unable to attend live.

Additionally, Zoom offers you the ability to do a screen share, so you can let your participants see your documents and presentations. And you always have the option of recording everything that happens for later viewing.

While on Zoom, each viewer can switch between gallery view, which shows all the participants, (and if you are old enough, you’ll recognize this as the “Brady Bunch” view) and full-screen, which shows a single screen of the current speaker. Participants can also mute themselves and turn their video feed on and off.

Zoom is being used by coaches from all over the world for group coaching as well as for individual face-to-face sessions.

You can sign up for a free Zoom account and host meetings as long as 40 minutes with up to 25 participants. You can also record your meetings with the free account. If you find that the free account doesn’t quite meet your needs, you can get a Pro account for less than $10/monthly, or about $100 per year if you pay in advance.

Interested in Zooming? Find out more at, and also check out the other Tools I Love.




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