Step-by-Step Marketing Help

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of marketing and don’t even know where to start?

Are you discouraged because you are working hard but not seeing any results?

Is there too much to do and too little time?

Now you can get all the information and inspiration you need to succeed.

Kim Avery Coaching is here to help busy
Christian Coaches fill their practices with eager clients.

Some of the benefits my clients experience are:
  • Knowing what to do every step of the way
  • Confidently communicating their unique value
  • Creating a bite-sized marketing system that fits into their already busy lives
  • Spending more time coaching and less time marketing
  • Having a lasting impact on the world
How will you know if Kim Avery Coaching is  for you?
  • Are you overwhelmed and discouraged about getting full paying clients?
  • Are you feeling called but not equipped?
  • Would you like support as you grow into new areas?
  • Are you willing to learn techniques that actually work?
  • Are you ready, motivated and excited to invest in your business and your future?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then this is the time to build the coaching practice you’ve always wanted.

As a Christian coach,
you CAN fill your practice with ideal clients,
coach more and market less.

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