Cultivate Flourishing

in the midst of this
messy world.

You matter. Your work matters. A lot.

God gave you talents and gifts, planted dreams deep in your heart, and then placed you in this pivotal moment in history to make an impact for Him.

You want to serve God. Make a difference. Be all God has called you to be. 

It’s exciting. Exhilarating. And, it can be exhausting as well.

No matter how enthusiastically you begin, it doesn’t take long before you are…

  • Overwhelmed by all the things there are to do
  • Depleted by people’s endless demands
  • Discouraged, with no time for relaxation & fun
  • Distracted, drained, and feeling increasingly disconnected from God

With more meetings to attend, more emails to answer, and more people to help, rest, relationships, and joy keep getting put off until everything is done.

There’s only one problem, the things are never all done. 

It’s Taking a Toll

Life in business & ministry offers incredible opportunities to pursue our passion and make an impact.

But there’s a downside.

It can also mean you work longer hours, wear numerous hats, face higher expectations, and experience more disappointments than almost anyone else.

One look at the numbers, and we know it’s taking a toll.

  • Entrepreneurs are twice as likely to suffer from depression compared to the general population
  • 90% of pastors feel fatigued and worn out every week
  • 77% of American employees reported at least one instance of burnout in 2021

It Shouldn’t Have to Be This Hard

Hi, I’m Kim Avery and I help entrepreneurs, ministry and marketplace leaders fully partner with God in the messiness of everyday work and life so they can flourish from the inside-out.

And yes, I know this is MUCH easier said than done. 

As an entrepreneur, coach, author, wife, mother, friend, and more, I’ve tried all the tricks and tips to make “life & business work.”

  • Purchased countless quick fix courses
  • Read the books
  • Watched the videos
  • Added the productivity apps
  • Tried harder
  • Worked smarter
  • Attempted “self-care”
  • and so much more

But as you’ve probably discovered by now, true flourishing can only come when we align every area of our heart and lives with God.

I have seen God subdue fear, worry, and panic and replace it with faith, vision, and boldness to step out valiantly. God is truly faithful to take our businesses to places it would never go without him.

Charles Hooper, MCC 
Charles Hooper, MCC

Kim blends the art and science of coaching beautifully, engages her audiences expertly, and delivers those golden-nugget “ah-ha’s!” that will change your life forever.

Susan Whitcomb CEO of The Academies
 Susan Whitcomb

I have never experienced such generosity in business. Kim, you are truly a role model. 

Samantha Matumo 
Samantha Matumo

Thank You Kim! Is it okay to say I want to grow up and be like you? To provide my clients with so much great value for them to use.

Theresa Prim 
Theresa Prim

Choose Your Next Step

Thankfully, God has a plan and provision for you to have a deep impact while walking and working at God’s pace of grace.

Walk with me and work with me, watch how I do it.
Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.
I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you.
Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.
—Matthew 11:28-30 MSG

Take your first step today to a flourishing life today.

Prayer Powered Programs

You really can ditch the worry and hurry when you allow God to be your CEO and you fully partner with Him in prayer.

Individual Coaching

The most powerful & sustainable change comes when we do life together. Learn more about individual coaching.

Soul Flourishing Community

A weekly time, space, and place for your own soul care so you can serve others from a full cup.

When you look into Kim’s brilliant blue eyes in your computer monitor, when you hear her compassionate voice and words of wisdom over Zoom, it is as if you are having an encounter with Someone greater than Kim working through Kim.

Mark O’Keefe Vice President, Editorial Services
Mark O’Keefe

Kim is beyond generous; she models what she teaches, and her personality invites everyone in. The forward movement I’ve made coaching with Kim has been invaluable. I still have some of the acknowledgments she shared with me written on post-it notes on my computer monitor!

Lori Bolen CBFRLC, ACC, Family Recovery Coach
Lori Bolen

Don’t miss your opportunity to become all that God desires you to be. Believe and step forth in this decision! I received something greater than what money could pay for. The value immensely exceeded the cost!!”

Sandra Rykbost 
Sandra Rykbost

Kim is lively with a very infectious enthusiasm; over and beyond generous with the content. She, in every sense, takes you by the hand and walks with you, then releases you to run with the tools the program gives, whilst sitting in the bleachers, cheering you on. Her unstoppable ‘can do it scared’ outlook to life and business inspires you to keep moving forward, at your pace (persistent), in partnership with your CEO and Sender, Almighty God.

Bosede Santos 
Bosede Santos

…a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.

Proverbs 11:28 MSG