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What if you’re not an expert? 🤷‍♀️

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Choose a niche, they said. Learn all you can. Add value, become an expert, develop your own original, never-before-known proprietary content, publish it, and the clients will come flocking to your door.

And for years, I tried. 

I tried to be as clever as Seth Godin, as innovative as Steve Jobs, and as profound as Anne Graham Lotz. 

Honestly, I ended up sounding like a third-grader fumbling with a deck of 3×5 cards while giving his Honest Abe speech.

My utter ordinariness never ceases to amaze me. 🤣

The truth is I’m NOT an inventor of new things, a font of endless wisdom, or a deep pool of the profound. 


that doesn’t mean I don’t have things to contribute and value to add.

In fact, one of my superpowers is simplifying complicated things. Nothing makes me happier than spending hours diving deep into the wisdom of others, distilling it down to its essence, and then representing those truths (with full attribution, of course) as golden nuggets to my clients so they can implement them in simple, doable ways.

And you probably contribute in a completely different way. 

Like my friend, Susan. Susan is the polar opposite of me. She’s an expander. She can take one single word and teach an hour-long Bible study lesson that will blow you away. 

It’s not “new,” she’s not a Greek word “expert,” she’s Susan, wrapping her thoughts and word pictures around a centuries-old phrase making it uber-relevant to my life today.

What If I’m Not an Expert?
The coaches I work with often ask, “What if I’m not an expert?” or “How can I compete with the established experts who are already in my niche?” or “What do I have to say that others haven’t already said?”

I’m always eager to share this good news: you are an expert. Sure, you may not have the exact same knowledge, education, or gifts that others have, but you bring something to the table that they never will.

You bring your own unique blend of strengths, spiritual gifts, life experiences, and more. These equip and qualify you to add value that no one else can.

The question isn’t, are you an expert? The question is, what kind of expert are you?

What Kind of Expert Are You?
Use the infographic below to discover your unique blend of expertise, feeling free to mix & match or add additional ones of your own. 

Now it’s time to step out into the world and share. 

Click Here to download the infographic.

Always remember, dear friend, there is nothing new under the sun, and that’s a good thing. Your unique presentation of God’s timeless information will bless others in a way that no one else can.



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