Stop Being Needy and Start Meeting Needs

We are coaches. We have businesses to build. Bills to pay. Clients to get if our needs are going to be met.

We know what we have to do.

Market. Market. Market.

The pressure is on.

Have you ever noticed that when we are needy and put on our marketing hats weird things start to happen?

People morph into prospects, parties become networking events and conversations are twisted into sales pitches.

It’s all about us and not about them.

This kind of marketing goes against everything we believe in as Christians and coaches.

Here’s the good news.

That’s not marketing – it’s manipulation.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s true that gatherings are a great way to meet new people, and some of those people really are good prospects and some targeted conversations may lead to clients.

It’s not so much what we are doing, as why we are doing it.

Needy marketing can quickly turn into greedy marketing.

Take a minute. Breathe.

Just breathe.

Now reflect…

God is still on the throne. He is the source of all good things. Even clients.

Business success doesn’t rise or fall based on our brilliant 30-second commercials, clever conversations or smooth close.

We are not on our own. We don’t have to worry or stress. And we certainly don’t have to pressure others into meeting our needs because God has already promised to do that.

Of course, we do talk to others about what we do. It’s only right to tell someone with a problem how coaching can help. It’s a kindness to invite people into a coaching relationship when we know it will truly enrich their lives.

Outwardly, our words may sound the same. Inwardly, everything is different.

Fear-based marketing uses people to meet our needs while faith-based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide.

The best marketing you can do is to love and serve people well.

What can you do to remind yourself today that God will supply all your needs?

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26 thoughts on “Stop Being Needy and Start Meeting Needs

  1. Once again a timely and relevant message! Thanks. Yesterday I had an email from a former pastor of a church I attended years ago, wanting to have a chat about coaching. I think my social media marketing is starting to pay dividends.

    Today’s marketing activities will have to be brief… my dissertation deadline is looming! I have posted to my facebook page and twitter account and will make time to write note number 6 in my series “Coaching – what’s it all about.” It will be on facebook later today.

    I’d hugely appreciate comments from anyone here who manages to get round to reading other Challenge entrants’ sites, and will make time to do the same.

    Oh, and I don’t get up at midnight to be the first one to comment… I have at least a five hour advantage living in the UK.

  2. Frank – I was just on your facebook page and it looks really good. It was hard to figure out how to get to the blog postings — maybe you should put the link in when you refer to your blog posts. Plus, when I finally found it, and tried to go back to the facebook page I think I ended up on your personal page and not your turnkey coach page. I like your information – the way you are sharing the information about coaching and your journey into coaching. Gave me some ideas!

  3. Desperation reaks! It just stinks and does nothing to draw in business. By listening and hearing where we can help we serve the needs of others. Day 13 ~ blog post done! Still working out the details on a challenge for next month. Feels so good to be so intentional.

  4. AHHH! I can just feel the weight leave my body. This truth is central to my attitude toward my business. client, and marketing task. Thank you again for speaking the truth of our Lord into my life.

    Been on a vaca from work, but back and going to have some marketing fun today.

  5. It’s all about who we are. Am I being a servant, or doing things to build a business. Today I will spend time with the Lord to see what is really going on inside.

  6. Thanks Kim for reminding us that our best marketing efforts cannot be compared to God’s divine favour and provision. This is something I need to keep at the forefront of my mind. I have been contacted by a newsletter directory to add my newsletter to their list so today I am going to read the fine print and make the decision to join or not. And of course allow God to be a part of that decision.

  7. Overall, I do continue to trust and can sense that He is at work in my life, taking care of my needs. What I need to continue to remind myself of, is that in order for Him to grow me, I have to continue to be intentional and not slip into paths of least resistance and comfort!

    Today, I’m following up with a few referral partners, and setting a few appointments. I am also carving out an hour to map out a workshop; I’ve had several people express interest, and have just not put my feet to the fire to “ready” my content.

  8. As I am working through the Marketing Strategies list and I am beginning to realize that this can be a goal every month for building my coaching practice. I have been doing allot right just not consistently. Updating my website is the goal today. I have sent the new information off to the team for the needed update. Thanks Kim for the list (I love lists) and the faith centered encouragement. You Rock!

  9. “Faith based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide.” Amen!

    I am praying for a greater ability to see and advance in God’s creative opportunities that might not fit with my limited vision. I recently hired my daughter Jessie Flori to not only design my new logo but to work with me in marketing as my assistant. She has such great ideas, management skills and knows so much about social media.

    So here is an example of the way God brings creative opportunities/needs that I might not have considered in the past. Yesterday Jessie suggested her friends, who are graduating soon and some graduated last year, need direction and goals as they launch their careers. She asked if I would be willing to do group coaching with them. I never thought about working with that age group before and may have declined, but now I am excited at the possibility of what God might do in their lives. An unexpected need. Jessie and I are meeting today to move forward.

  10. What can I do? Simply not worry. Worry/anxiety is the most effective and gluttonous thief there is. God’s Word speaks so clearly to it in the form of a command. He knows that worry shortens our very life span, leaves us emotionally wrung out, and paralyzed in fear. Therefore He gives us the antidote–dumping our burdens on Him and exchanging them for His which is light. What a deal. Today I shall take Him up on that and tomorrow I’ll get up and do it all over again, trusting that He has everything under control.
    For my tangible marketing activity today I am meeting with my web designer via email as we continue to re-brand me.

  11. Yes, yes, yes! That’s what I was trying to say yesterday – faith-based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide. You said it so much better. I’m going to borrow your phrase. So thank you.
    Today I’m traveling home and I’ve already got my ear-bud in my ear and podcast set to Kim Avery Marketing Tips.

  12. “Faith based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide.” Love this! Today I invited a colleague to lunch.

  13. I spoke the young man who will be helping me with my website this morning. He is going to preview it and and I am going to preview some of his sites he has done. We will decide where we want to go from here to revamp/improve mine. He is an Apple guru and I am excited to see what he suggests.

    Also, in reading your article, “Stop being needy and start meeting needs”, you really hit the nail on the head! People can see when we are needy and trying too hard to push our own agenda. Then they avoid us like the plague. I want to remember what you said about genuinely seeking to meet the needs of others and let God handle the financial aspects! I don’t know how He does it, but as I look back over the many years, HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL every step of my way!

  14. I love this article! Thanks so much for the reminder of Who is actually in control! As therapists, it’s great to get our name out there, but only for the right purposes. I got in to counseling because I want to help hurting individuals, not to earn a fortune. God Bless.

  15. Day 13: I read this post early this morning and then went to lunch with a precious friend who in the course of our conversation shared very passionately about how she has frequently felt targeted and manipulated by Christians on an evangelistic mission. All she wanted and needed was a friendship. WOW! I could hear the echo of the morning’s post in my head and resolved to not put marketing over relationship building.

    Today I worked on 1-2 minute intro – needs word refinements – and researched options for a professional photo and additional images for web site.

  16. Another great reminder Kim! I remind myself of this often as I have found myself worrying about attracting “enough” clients from time to time. I was reminded of the absurdity of this last week when my coach and I discussed the fact that out of the pool of possible coaching clients throughout the world, all I want to do is fill 10-15 slots at this time in my life!

    I remember that the Lord has called me into coaching and, if this is what He desires for me, He will make a way and work out the details. All I am required to do is my part and leave the rest to Him. As long as I do my piece, I can surely trust that He is doing his!

  17. God is so faithful to provide!! Just last Friday, God used someone else to minister to me in a huge, surprise way that she didn’t even know I had been lifting up to God in prayer. Thank you Jehovah-Jireh!! Today, I met with a friend (who I haven’t seen in over 4 years) in person and told them about my new coaching career.

  18. My favorite quote from today’s blog, “Fear-based marketing uses people to meet our needs while faith-based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide.” Enough said!! Thanks, Kim!

  19. God has promised in His Word (the Bible) to meet my needs according to His riches.
    I must trust and have faith. I must do my part in serving others and sharing information. I must be discipline and active in my coaching ministry. I will be
    attending a luncheon tomorrow. I won 25 radio spots. God is faithful.

  20. The heart reason defines weather it is manipulation or marketing. Again the worlds ways can blur the fine line between service and selfishness. The point of trusting in God’s provision will define the progress and definition of the relationship. These are important things to remember when approaching a service & ministry activity, like coaching.

  21. Today I listened while someone shared, “I need direction with…” while at service in a ministry. I realized the best ‘marketing’ was not to jump in at an inappropriate time with a response, but to later offer a concrete affirmation to her about her desires, letting her notice I was really listening and have something to offer as it relates to what I coach people about. It was a non-action action that caused me to think first.

  22. Thanks for the reminder! It’s worked that way to build a totally packed counseling schedule, but sometimes I feel so much pressure to build a coaching practice – so that I’m NOT so busy – that I’m almost more stressed with that endeavor!

  23. God reminds ME every day that He supplies my every need!

    Attended a networking meeting today and left with yet another client…I am approaching what for me right now (working full time in another occupation) is a full caseload. I never could have imagined! God again is supplying my needs!

  24. Day 13: I attended an awesome lunch n learn today and came away with some a number of time management ideas. The single most significant takeaway was the realization that I spend less than 5% of my time with what I believe would be the most productive new business development activity I could be doing right now in my business. That idea is to create more written content for online distribution, speaking engagements, and new client ‘packages’. One additional takeaway is to not have more than 5 priorities at any one time. (Note that says ‘priorities’ not activities.) Along those lines, I’m must ‘schedule my priorities’, not ‘prioritize my schedule’.