Increase Impact. Influence. Income.

We are coaches. We have businesses to build. Bills to pay. Clients to get if our needs are going to be met.

The gurus tell us what we have to do.

Market. Market. Market.

The pressure is on.

But have you ever noticed that when we are needy and put on our marketing hats weird things start to happen?

People morph into prospects, parties become networking events, and conversations are twisted into sales pitches.

It becomes all about us and not about them.

This kind of marketing goes against everything we believe in as Christians and coaches.

Here’s the good news.

That’s not marketing – it’s manipulation.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s true that gatherings are a great way to meet new people, and some of those people really are good prospects and some targeted conversations may lead to clients.

It’s not so much what we are doing, as why we are doing it.

Needy marketing can quickly turn into greedy marketing.

Take a minute. Breathe.

Just breathe.

Now reflect…

God is still on the throne. He is the source of all good things. Even clients.

Business success doesn’t rise or fall based on our brilliant 30-second commercials, clever conversations or smooth close.

We are not on our own. We don’t have to worry or stress. And we certainly don’t have to pressure others into meeting our needs because God has already promised to do that.

Of course, we do talk to others about what we do. It’s only right to tell someone with a problem how coaching can help. It’s a kindness to invite people into a coaching relationship when we know it will truly enrich their lives.

Outwardly, our words may sound the same. Inwardly, everything is different.

Fear-based marketing uses people to meet our needs while faith-based marketing loves people and trusts God to provide.

The best marketing you can do is to love and serve people well.

What can you do to remind yourself today that God will supply all your needs?

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