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21 Popular Types of Posts on Facebook

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Make your Facebook business page “THE” place to be with these 21 different types of popular posts.


  1. Be funny – Everybody enjoys a good laugh.
  2. Quote – The Internet has entire sites dedicated to inspiring quotes. It’s easy to share one each day.
  3. Flash from the past – Post a picture of a something from your childhood such as a Pogo Stick and invite reader’s stories.
  4. Ask a relevant question – “Should I buy another windows computer or is it time to switch to a Mac?”  Trust me, this will ignite a lively conversation.
  5. Talk about food – Who doesn’t want your Double Fudge Brownie recipe?
  6. Share a personal story – While remaining professional, don’t be afraid to let your readers see your human side.
  7. Post inspirational or interesting pictures – You’ll see these all over Facebook. All you need to do is hit the “share” button on one that speaks to you.
  8. Write a personal note – Tell your fans about interesting things going on in your life.
  9. Recent news story – Anytime you read a captivating news story online, you can quickly copy and paste the URL to your business page to share it with the world.
  10. Ask your fans to share their photos – People are especially proud of their children and pets.
  11. Conduct a poll – Use the “poll” button under your status bar and have your readers vote on their pick for the next American idol.
  12. Short tip – Useful information is always welcome.
  13. Share other peoples posts – By sharing others posts, you easily create content and bless the person who wrote the original post.
  14. Share an inspiring video – Worship songs paired with pictures on YouTube make inspiring mini-movies.
  15.  Share a funny video – These will generate more comments than any other type of post.
  16. Trivia – Asking a trivia questions sparks people’s interest and keeps them engaged throughout the day.
  17. Encourage users to post their ‘wins’ – In a good relationship, both people share information about their personal lives. Invite your readers to share their lives with you.
  18. Question of the day –As a coach, you already have a vast collection of powerful questions. Post one a day and get people thinking.
  19. Ask the expert – Let your fans ask you about what’s on their minds.
  20. Celebrate holidays – Just as in the real world, warm holiday greetings are always welcome.
  21. Announce an event – Offer a free teleseminar or webinar to your fans. It will provide a great opportunity to get to know them better.

There is never an excuse for boring your fans to death. Use a variety of posts to make your page the place to be.

What’s your favorite kind of post to read?