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Coach Yourself to Success This Year

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What’s not to love about the New Year? A clean slate. A fresh start. A year brimming with promise and possibilities that is yours for the taking?.

Like a blanket of freshly fallen snow, January offers us a pristine palette on which to paint the days and months ahead with bold brushstrokes. It’s time to vision, dream, and plan the ideal before a single footprint breaks the virgin white.



I know, I know, at this point, your sensible self, the one who outfits the car with snow tires and carries an umbrella on sunny days, is saying, ”Why bother? Life never goes according to plan; let’s go sit by the fire instead.”

But the real you, the one who’s willing to trudge up the hill one more time for the sheer joy of sledding down at lightning speeds, knows that success begins with a bold plan that can be flexed and steered during the long, bumpy ride.

And you’re right.

Research Shows

New Years dreams really can come true.

Consider a study done by Dr. Gail Matthews from Dominican’s Department of Psychology:

Using participants from businesses, organizations, and networking groups who were randomly assigned into one of five groups, Dr. Matthews examined which goal-setting techniques brought the greatest results.

Here’s how it went:

  • Group 1 – Thought about their goals, rated them according to difficulty and importance, and assessed their resources and commitment.

Groups 2-5 completed everything the preceding groups did plus…

  • Group 2 – wrote their goals down.
  • Group 3 – wrote action commitments for each goal.
  • Group 4 – shared their commitment with a friend.
  • Group 5 – sent weekly progress reports to their friend.

Four weeks later, the results were in. The percentages of those who reported accomplishing their goals or being at least halfway there were as follows:

Group 1 – 43%

Group 4 – 62%

Group 5 – 76%

In Dominican News, Mathews summarized her findings as follows, “My study provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment, and writing down one’s goals.”

Coach Yourself to Business Success

Accountability. Commitment. Writing down your goals. These simple but powerful coaching tools bring success!

To your clients.

To you.

And these are the skills you already know how to use. So, let’s use them. Right now. To set-up you up for extraordinary success in the New Year.

Simply click the link below to receive my free Coach Yourself to Success: 10 Business Coaching Questions to Rock Your New Year, fill it out, and increase the likelihood of your success up to 76%.

Today is the day to begin the New Year right.

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  1. MaryLou Caskey

    I know from personal experience that I’ve grown the most when I am working intentionally in community. So glad that you make such a difference in my life Kim.


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