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Oh my! I woke up today surrounded by marketers hawking their wares. “Buy me.” “Try me.” “Eat me, drink me, give me a spin.” 

And this isn’t just my imagination. Research shows that as I go through my day, I’ll be assaulted by over five thousand marketing messages.

Online, offline, on my TV, and in my phone… they’re everywhere.

And each time I see them, I cringe. Resist. Tune them out and turn away.

I don’t want to hear them.

More importantly than that, I don’t want to be like them.

But what’s a Christ-centered entrepreneur who has a message and a service to share with the world supposed to do?

The Irresistible Gift of Giving

I have good news. There is a better, more authentic, and more effective way for us to reach those God is calling us to serve. And we’ve both experienced it.

Think back with me to the time when in that sea of greedy voices one person was different.

In the produce aisle, at Starbucks, or in your crowded Facebook feed, someone stopped and took time to encourage you. Share a timely morsel of information, offer a prayer, or point you to a helpful resource.

That simple gift made a big difference.

Your heart warmed. You noticed her name. You looked forward to seeing her again.

She must be a friend.

Notice the contrast…

Selling led to resisting. Giving leads to receiving.

That is the power of Generosity Marketing.

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Generosity Marketing

What is Generosity Marketing? It’s sharing niche-specific information and inspiration that satisfies one of your target market’s needs while making them hungry for more.

Don’t panic. Generosity Marketing isn’t about giving coaching or your primary service away. That decreases the client’s buy-in and puts your business at risk.

Generosity Marketing is about sharing your words, your wit, your wisdom, and your message with the people God has called you to serve.

What makes it powerful?

  1. It’s Natural for You

Selling coaching is hard.

It’s pushy. Awkward. Self-promotional. Uncomfortable. It makes the interaction all about you and not about them.

That’s un-coachlike.

It’s un-Christian.

God wired our new nature to give to others with no thought of return promising that as we do He will take care of us.

It’s what we were naturally re-born to do.

  1. It’s Good for Your Business.

Every time I go to Sam’s Club, I buy something that I didn’t intend to buy.

I blame Edna.

Edna is the sample lady in the frozen food section, and as soon as I round the corner, amidst hordes of hungry shoppers, there she stands.

Gracious, smiling, and holding out a tray of her irresistible Double-Chocolate, Ooey-Gooey, Super-Sugary, Extra-Creamy Dessert Cakes.

Magnetically, almost against my will, I’m pulled to the front, grab a sample, take one bite, then rush to the freezer case to buy the last remaining box.

Giving attracts.

This same principle holds true when we make and create great content. At first, it may take a while for people to find us, but slowly the word will spread.

Like a cyber-Edna holding out irresistible wares, people start to come. They’re served. They’re happy. And best of all, they tell their friends.

Before long, we don’t have to hunt for potential clients, they start coming to us.

That’s smart business.

  1. It’s Transformational for Them

When we take the time and effort to share the message God has given us, we ignite a fire in our prospect’s lives.

Week after week, by blog, through video, over Facebook and more, we feed a hunger for change that turns observers into participants, participants into an audience and an audience into clients.

Through skillful coaching and the Spirit of God, their lives burst into a roaring flame that consumes lesser things, transforms hearts, and ripples out to impact the world.

Because of you, lives are changed.

Generosity Marketing leverages our time, wisdom, gifts, and knowledge allowing us to touch thousands of lives and build an amazing business as well.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Thank you for being a Christ-centered entrepreneur and for sharing your gifts with the world. I appreciate you!


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