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Public Speaking Is Easier Than You Think

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing has helped build my business more than public speaking.

Wait…. don’t click off this page yet.

I know the thought of standing in front of a group of people terrifies you. I know you have never done any speaking before.  And I know that you think you don’t have anything vital to say.

You are not alone. These are the same thoughts that almost kept me from stepping out of my comfort zone (okay, it was more like stepping off a cliff) and discovering that God will faithfully empower even the world’s most reluctant public speaker (me).

Share Your Message

Today I want to talk to you about just one of the sabotaging mindsets above – thinking you have nothing of value to say.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, your whole life until this point has been one long process of speech preparation. The books you’ve read, the classes you’ve taken, and the people you’ve helped are all deep treasures waiting to be mined. Why?  Because a good speech isn’t a forced collection of dry factoids. It is a rich outpouring of your passionate life.

The things that move you, motivate you, and enrich your life – these experiences provide the fare for that exceptional speech.

God has uniquely gifted you. He has planted dreams deep in your heart, and He has helped you walk down some amazing paths.

Ask Yourself

What led you into coaching? What people, groups or causes ignite the fire in your heart? How do you want people to be different as a result of coaching with you? What has God taught you that you can share with others?

Now let me ask you this, how important are these dreams to you? My guess is that your passions run so deep that you have given up thousands of dollars and years of your life to be able to coach people around these things.

Now Is the Time

If you care that much about these people and things, why not take one more step and share publicly what you have learned?

God has been preparing you for your signature speech your entire life.  All you need now is a bit of spit and polish and the courage to speak from the heart.

Begin with your passion and your love for others and the public speaking part will be easier than you think.


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